Sarah Brandão Rehabilitation Center (SBRC)

Sarah Brandão Rehabilitation Center (SBRC)

Sarah Brandão Rehabilitation Center (SBRC) is one of the main therapy and rehabilitation clinics in the country. With over 12 years of experience, Sarah Brandão acts on all types of techniques in the therapy area. Along with being present in most important events in the community, spreading its health ideals, the company also has countless successes on preoperative and postoperative treatments.


Mission and Values


The SBRC understands that its mission goes beyond the physical improvement of their patients, instead, it also covers all of the main pillars of the human being: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc. The company believes on building long term relationships with patients, staff, doctors, and many partners.

Mission, Vision, and Values are the three pillars that support the SBRC’s essence. All of our actions and thoughts in every relationship with our audience follow these rules.

Build safe and qualified treatments, interacting with diverse therapy techniques according to the patient’s condition, having as reference the patient’s previous records, creating value and sustainability to the individual’s health and well-being.




We believe people in search for happiness and life quality, always evolve on their aspirations about injury prevention, strength gain, and flexibility, healing their pain conditions and physical dysfunctions.


Our Job


We serve all kinds of therapeutic indication in order to develop excellence results.